Knauf is one of the leading construction material producers worldwide, with more than 50 production facilities and sales organizations in over 60 countries.

The Knauf Group is an international operating family company headquartered in the Upper Franconia city of Iphofen. The company’s most important values are mutual trust, diligence, visionary thinking and cohesion. The brand stands for high dependability.


March, 2012


  • The client can chose if he wants to see a video of how to construct his own Knauf wall in seven steps
  • Or he can see the different Knauf wall design options within his own homes using AR technology.
  • The user can select his desired wall model (with or without doors) and integrate exactly the size of his own door and position.
  • The design sortiment of Knauf walls can be tried based on the selected wall model.

Client overview

PORR Group is one of Austria’s largest construction companies and one of the top construction firms in Europe. PORR leverages its 140 years of experience in planning, development and execution in every sector of the construction industry: from building construction and civil engineering, energy, traffic and tunnel construction, right through to environmental engineering and project development.