Artelia Design

Artelia Design is a retailer of outdoor furniture with a specialty in rattan and wicker. Based in Berlin, their brand has been largely built upon being a leader in innovation and modern design.Their slogan is “Gemütlichkeit lässt sich einrichten”, which in English sort of means “your comfort can be arranged”.


November, 2012


  • Use of QR codes and URL links.
  • Trackerless positioning of 3D models.
  • Optimized for outdoor viewing.
  • Available in iOS and Android.

Client overview

PORR Group is one of Austria’s largest construction companies and one of the top construction firms in Europe. PORR leverages its 140 years of experience in planning, development and execution in every sector of the construction industry: from building construction and civil engineering, energy, traffic and tunnel construction, right through to environmental engineering and project development.